Law Breaker

February 17, 2023 By Kinami7 0

Have you ever broken the law and didn’t get caught, if so how?

I saw this on my business account and thought its a very odd question and yet so many people had answered it.

This prompt to answer such a personal question had me thinking of so many ways people chose to break the law daily and just get away with it.

But aside from my personal views about people and law breaking, have I ever …

Well yes, I have.

When I was young, about 12 to 13 I was homeless many times. I broke many laws infact and it was just the nature of me being homeless. Even once I finally got granted benefits at 14 and was allowed to legally live alone as it was determined me living at home was not in my best interests… I broke the law as I was not capable of paying my bills and feeding myself ( I just didn’t get enough money as a full time student )

I never violated someone’s rights or did anything super bad but it was actually my decision to embrace Islam that took me away from that as I became more conscious of the fact that I will be held to account for my actions and that even if I felt there was no other option, there is always another option.

I have kept that mindset ever since, I often remember back on those days and how simple life was before I actually became an adult even though I was living like one while barely a teen.

Ultimately I feel there is never a good reason to break the law but if we do, it should only be out of total survival or necessity which is very rare.