Welcome to Kinami7

July 4, 2022 By Kinami7 0

I started this site in tribute to my life as a mother and my kids!

I know, that seems odd but here me out. I have 7 kids, the road to motherhood was unexpected and hard but none the less my children are my life.

So how does my shop and some of its contents relate to my life? Well, I was married to a Narcissist/ sociopath for almost 10 years. For the majority of that time I was trying to leave but he wouldn’t accept and used coercive control, threats and abuse to prevent me from leaving.

I noticed in my plight to leave my ex, my life, safety and all I held dear was at risk. I also noticed how little anyone seems to know or understand about narcissists/sociopaths! I mean, the police, courts, neighbours, all fell for his charm and stories. I felt isolated and ashamed to tell my friends and family.

My goal in my blog is to spread my story to help build awareness, to help those going through the same thing not feel alone and to give them hope. My goal is to stand up and let him know that he didn’t break me and I’m stronger than ever! I hope to share stories from others who are or have previously struggled in similar situations.

Together we can help educate and spread the word how common and difficult it is being in an abusive relationship.

I appreciate you dropping by, please leave a comment or send a message using the contact tab in the menu.